Mike & Zach is a series of animated shorts about two guys named Mike and Zach

Season 0

"Season 0"  is the collection of shorts that eventually developed into

the cleaner and higher production series we're making now

Episode #1: Skim Milk

The audio here was improvised, and animated for fun. It was the humble beginnings of the "paper style" and where we saw potential for more shorts.

Episode #2: Scented Candle

The first full length short and attempt at building Mike and Zach as characters as they accidentally ignite their house.

Episode #3: Mike's Art Tip of the Week

A mini short about Mike giving art advice. Utilized an upgraded base puppet which all rigs were built on until season 1.

Episode #4: Stubble Trouble

As I continued to upgrade the art style and find better footing on characters and story telling, Mike and Zach have a dramatic duel over beards

Episode #5: The Landlord

The final episode of "Season 0" before the major design overhauls for season 1 and onward. This was the first Piemations toon to have additional animators helping to carry the load, and was the precursor to building the team we have now.

Season 1

We're making it!

Episode #1: Printer Problems

Mike and Zach's printer begins mysteriously printing messages on its own!

Episode #2: Mike & Zach Beat It

Mike shows Zach his favorite song