Suction Cup Man is the story of a simple man who wants one thing.


To climb.


Suction Cup Man 1: Remastered

Created after the success of the sequel episodes, this short brought the original South Park themed video to the style of the rest, and is now the definitive start of the series.

Suction Cup Man 2: The Suck For America

Suction Cup Man must take on a dangerous mission for the American Government to earn a free pass to climb anything.

Suction Cup Man 3: One Hell of a Climb

Suction Cup Man, who can't be killed, dies and goes to hell

Suction Cup Man 4: Business or Pleasure

In a kangaroo court decision, Suction Cup Man is banned from owning suction cups!

Other Suction Cup Man Stuff

Full Theme Song

Suction Cup Man's own theme song! Available most places!

First Plushie Ad

Though this version of the plushie is no longer available, the ad is still a fully animated short that can provide some laughs!

Suction Cup Man! The Original Short

The short that started the series! Sometime in 2016, news broke that a man was climbing Trump Tower with suction cups. In a voice chat at the time and watching it go down live, Silas and Zach, who would become the voice actors later, began riffing the likely conversation between the climbing man, and this dude in the window.


Seeing the potential for comedy and having been binging South Park at the time, I took inspiration to base an animation off of the real life event, having my friends Silas and Zach take their respective characters and trying to mimic the South Park style. It was a very fun project and got quite popular on YouTube. Enter my friend Ben who, on his own, wrote the script that would become Suction Cup Man 2 after I loved the idea and revised it. I built a new art style to set it aside from South Park and the rest is history.